Ever since COVID became a thing in our daily lives, remote work has become more prevalent. Whilst there’s a huge amount to gain from remote working, we do lose those colloquial chats by the water cooler or board/card games in lunch breaks.

In my experience, it’s common for companies to offer a 1-2 hour social meeting on Fridays - maybe just to chat, or with a game at the forefront.

It’s been a few years now since COVID started, and we’ve all tried lots of games. Here’s a list of games you should try, and what I think about them.


GameRating / 5 starsDescription
TagPro5Gameplay will be 90% of the focus of your social. Great fun - be sure to make an account and change your name so you can get more teamwork going on!
QuackStanley5Much like Snakeoil, a “buyer” is offered goods from each other player in turn (based on a choice of 2 of 4 topics). Weird and creative, and super fast to pick up
Countdown4.5The classic British game CountDown, with both word/number/pre-generated anagram challenges, a big block, and even the music! Everyone plays at the same time, and competes to find the highest score.
Drawasaurus4You’re either drawing or typing in a thoughtful frenzy to guess what one player’s drawing is. I like how this game keeps everyone involved, and is leninet on spelling mistakes
Codenames4The classic word-game Codenames - be sure to set a timer so people don’t take 7 minutes to find the perfect clues (which may not even work!)
Globle4Guess where a mystery country is!
TeamBridge.app3.5There’s 6 free games, but they’re pretty quiet. For example, Cosel (“broken telephone”) has e.g. 10 people drawing and describing plenty of images, which takes a lot of focus; the fun comes when the whole group sees how words evolved. But it’s cute and there’s variety, so give it a try one week!
Chameleon3For a category (animals, fruits, etc.) all but one player see the same word. They give clues to show they know what the word is - but not enough obvious information so that the “chameleon” can guess the word and blend in with the group!
Wavelength2.5An ingenius digital board for the game “Wavelength” - be sure to read the instructions. I find it so difficult to think of a word on the spot such that this game isn’t really fun to me - but discussing and guessing other people’s words is OK
Hanab?A cooperative game where a team of pyrotechnics give each other information to build 5 fireworks
Categories with Friends/Scattergories?Each player writes a word with each category, getting double points if it matches the round’s special letter. Think someone has made something up? A quick vote will settle it!


GameRating / 5 starsDescription
Jackbox Games3There’s a number of releases, each with their own mix of hit-or-miss games. Fibbage, Quiplash, and Drawful Animate are my favourites (2 of these are in the second party pack)
Among Us PC (paid) / Play Store / App Store?People were genuinely playing this every day at work during the height of its popularity. I didn’t really “get” it, but I’ve seen that it’s a fantastic social game
Catan?There’s a nice UI and maybe more expansions than with BoardGameArena (?), so if you keep playing Catan this might be a good choice.
BoardGameArena?Play games like Catan, Azul, Wingspan, Ticket to Ride, Sushi Go - but one member needs a premium subscription (£27/year, or £5/month)